My Personal Favorites

Osteopathic Vision - information about my practice and the things I do within it.

CranialSutures - Information on how the bones of the head fit together and one method for treating them.

Custom Med Apothecary - a super compounding pharmacy in Indianapolis.

Flexible Footwear - the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  Hand-made in USA, patented design.

Less EMF - site to learn about and get supplies to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, grounding products and testing instruments.

Earthing - site to order earthing products and learn more about earthing and its benefits.

Homeopathic Touch - My friend and colleague, Sergiy Druganov, MDs, site about his practice in homeopthy, pediatrics and osteopathy.

Osteopathic Related Sites

American Academy of Osteopathy

Osteopathic Cranial Academy

Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation

Indiana Osteopathic Association

Jim Jealous

Ukrainian Osteopathic Association - my friends in Ukraine

International Society for Osteopathic Practice

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