Splayed Toes

I saw my third patient today with space between their second and third toes.  It seems to be related to a shift in weight bearing from the great (big) toe to the second or third toe.  I made no progress when I diagnosed this issue with the paient laying on thie back, but if I made them stand up and tested them, I noticed the weight shift.  I then treated what I found and have been getting pretty good results by approaching the feet in this manner.

A bit on Functional Medicine

I am sitting in a functional medicine seminar currenty.  I am gathering lots of really good information that I will be bringing back to the practice.  I am flushing out what I know about thyroid and the immune system currently. It is giving me more insight into why the people that come into my office are not well and why they struggle so much to get there.

I will be doing a bit more blood work to look for things that may have slipped though the cracks with other practitioners and doing more detoxification!   Those seem to the the big take home messages.

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